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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
JUNE 1, 2017
Aramco oilfield contract goes to Amec Foster Wheeler

The British company Amec Foster Wheeler announced today it has been awarded a 5 year contract by giant Saudi Aramco, for facilities required as part of the integrated oil and gas expansion of the Marjan offshore and onshore oilfield in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia.

Under the term of the contract, Amec Foster Wheeler will provide the pre-Front End Design (pre-Feed), overall programme management besides Feed and other support services for an additional 300,000 barrels per day gas/oil separation train, a world scale Greenfield gas processing plant, a cogeneration facility and modifications to an existing facility to add natural gas liquids fractionation capacity.

Amec Foster Wheeler has played a key role in many of Saudi Aramco’s major investments and with its successful track record stretching back more than 50 years, this award is a real vote of confidence relied on their technical expertise and their ability to deliver large and complex projects.  
MAY 31, 2017
New basket road rail boom showcased by Platform Basket

The Italian manufacturer Platform Basket has unveiled during the IAF Exhibition held in Munster from 30 May to 1st June 2017, the new self propelled articulated Road Rail boom lift RR14 EVO3.

The RR14 EVO3 is designed on the basic existing RR14 EVO and features 14 metres of working height, three mode steer and four wheel drive providing a travel speed on tracks of 19kph. It also offers two digital display screens one on the platform controls and one next to the lower controls to help operator to ease their job while working.

Furthermore, the new unit has a standard spring loaded pantograph system with a choice of blades. This system has a graduated blade for reading the vertical deviations of the cables to within a range of plus or minus 550mm. The results are immediately displayed on the two main screens.

The RR14 EVO3 includes as well the Platform Basket’s proven superstructure leveling system.
JUNE 1, 2017
Switch about to build $2.5bn new data center in Atlanta

The global technology solutions corporation, Switch intends to construct the Southeast’s highest-rated campus in Douglas County, Georgia.

The new data center, ‘The Keep’ is to cover more than one million square-feet with two campus locations as the ecosystem grows. It is to stand as the fourth Switch PRIME campus in the US.

’The Keep’ will offer clients the ability to operate in multiple Tier IV Gold data center environments across the east coast while remaining outside of natural disaster zones.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal commented: “Georgia is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of high-tech innovation, and innovative companies like Switch are leading the way in this trend.

“Georgia’s robust technology infrastructure and skilled workforce will benefit Switch in building this new data center and in the company’s future growth. By selecting Douglas County, Switch will enjoy our business-friendly climate and further secure Georgia’s status as the Silicon Valley of the South.”
The new data center is expected to create sixty-five employments.

Besides, Switch is willing to work with local energy providers to power its campus with 100% green energy.

‘The Keep’ is worth $2.5bn.
JUNE 1, 2017
Two Colas Canada companies win contracts for SWCRR project in Alberta

Alberta Highway Services Ltd (AHSL), the maintenance Colas company and Standard General Calgary, specialized in road construction have been selected to respectively manage maintenance and construction works on the Southwest Calgary Ring Road (SWCRR) project in Alberta, Canada.

The SWCRR project aims at improving safety and traffic congestion in and around Calgary. It involves the construction and maintenance of 31 kilometers of six- to eight-lane highway, fourteen interchanges, forty-seven bridges and a tunnel.

The public-private partnership concessionaire, Moutain View Partners (MVP) is operating the project. It has appointed Standard General Calgary to manufacture and apply all the asphalt concrete required which is around a million tons for a total of CA$95M.

The Colas Canada company, AHSL has secured the maintenance contract for the section under construction.

Work on the project has already started and should meet completion in October 2021.

The contracts are worth both CA$300M.
JUNE 1, 2017
European Bank helps Wastewater company to develop in Egypt

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has provided €186M loan to the Fayoum Water and Wastewater Company to develop and expand its services in the North African country.

The loan is to contribute to the building of eight new wastewater treatment plants, the expansion of nine units, the rehabilitation of ten plants and the installation of 3,433 kilometers of pipes as well as 139 pumping stations.
350 sewage removal trucks are also to be procured in order to serve remote rural communities.

The EBRD’s funding is to be supported by €172M loan provided by the European Investment Bank and the EU Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF) is giving an investment grant of €30M and more than €7M for technical assistance.

Head of the EBRD in Egypt, Janet Heckman said: “It is a vital investment for the country and will not only develop the wastewater infrastructure, but also improve the environment and contribute to employment in a remote rural area substantially.”

The expansion of the wastewater treatment facilities would also reduce level of pollution caused by untreated domestic wastewater, the contamination of surface and ground water affecting for instance the third-largest Egyptian Lake, Lake Qarun.

Ambassador Ivan Surkoš, Head of the EU Delegation to Egypt added: “Water is life. The European Union has a long and lasting commitment to work with Egypt in supporting this vital sector. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of nearly 10 million inhabitants, which is part of our ongoing support to the water sector.”
MAY 31, 2017
Liebherr R 946 crawler excavator to Sweden

Another Liebherr crawler excavator R 946 has been ordered by the Swedish company S Blomquist Entreprenad AB located at Gothenburg.

Specialized in earthmoving, demolition and pipe installation, S Blomquist had chosen this machine to reinforce its current fleet due to its operational weight of nearly 50 tons, its cylinder diesel engine which is fitted to the exhaust emissions standards of Stage IIB / Tier 4i with an output of 220 Kw / 299 hp.

The new unit also features a heavier counterweight of 9 tons, a LC-V undercarriage with variable and larger track width and higher ground clearance, as well as crawler pads of 900mm. The length of the boom is 6.45 m, while the stick length is 3.3m. The machine has also a tilt rotator that makes it very versatile.

The Swedish company has placed an order with Liebherr at the start of 2017, and delivery is expected in summer of this year.  
JUNE 2, 2017
Sir Robert McAlpine awarded third phase of Battersea Power Station project

On May 30, the English established building and civil engineering company has been named construction manager for the phase 3 of the project redevelopment.

The architects, Gehry Partners and Foster + Partners have designed the third phase of the Battersea Power Station.

Battersea Power Station Development Company, in charge of the project, has awarded Sir Robert McAlpine to undertake the third phase.

Sir Robert McAlpine’s Managing Director for London, Paul Heather, commented: "We are delighted to be involved at the Battersea scheme and look forward to working successfully with the developer and consultant team on the completion of Battersea Power Station phase 3a."

The work comprises the construction of over 1,300 new homes, a hotel, shops, restaurants, a London Underground station and the Electric Boulevard high street from the new metro station to the Power Station.

Simon Jenner, COO of Battersea Power Station Development Company, added: “On behalf of the shareholders, we are pleased to welcome Sir Robert McAlpine to the project. Sir Robert McAlpine have demonstrated a comprehensive and robust understanding of our objectives; they have identified a strong, proven team with highly relevant experience and have shown a true desire and enthusiasm to work on this exciting and demanding project. This is another step towards the successful completion of this phase and we look forward to working with their team in due course. ”
The project redevelopment would be worth £8bn.
JUNE 1, 2017
Construction of gas-fired combined-cycle power plant achieved in Chile

Samsung Construction & Trading Corporation (C&T) and the Korean Southern Power Co (KOSPO) have celebrated the project completion at an opening ceremony held the 26th of May in Antofagasta.

The construction project started in 2014 and the gas-fired combined-cycle power plant was connected to the Chilean grid in June 2016.

The Kelar facility is located in the Northern Chilean region of Mejillones and has a 517MW capacity. It is besides expected to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1.5M tons annually as it is to replace coal-based power generation in the country.

Samsung C&T and KOSPO composed the consortium for the project. They hold respectively 35% and 65%. Samsung Engineering has secured the EPC contract.

In 2013, the companies have reached a 25 year power purchase agreement with the Chilean arm of BHP Biliton to supply electricity to its copper mines, including the Escondida project.

The Kelar plant has cost $600M.
MAY 31, 2017
CH2M-led company wins $1.5bn deactivation contract for US nuclear plant
Charlotte Divet - Contributing Editor
The US Department of Energy has announced that Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership, the American global engineering CH2M-led company has been awarded D&R contract at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PGDP).

Fluor Corporation, the global engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and maintenance company as well as BWX Technologies, the leading supplier of nuclear components and fuel to the U.S government are partners of the CH2M led-company on the project.

The PGDP facility is located in Western Kentucky and covers 3,500 acres.

The contract consists mainly of deactivation and remediation (D&R) works at the plant. It also comprises management of over 650 structures, properties and buildings. The companies’ partnership is to optimize short and long-term surveillance and maintenance costs to allow for additional stabilization, deactivation and remediation activities; reducing risk and future demolition costs.

The performance based contract is worth $1.5bn over 10 years.  The base term is five years at $750M, followed by three-year and two-year option periods at a total of about $750M combined.

A transition period is to start next month.
JUNE 1, 2017
$151M elevated promenade to improve coastal resilience in New York

The Governor Andrew Cuomo has invested in an infrastructure project to improve the resilience of Staten Island’s east shore and enhance waterfront access for surrounding communities.

The multi-use elevated promenade is to be built twenty feet above sea level to protect against storm as big as the hurricane Sandy which occurred in 2012.

It is to feature a 7km-long seawall stretching from Fort Wadsworth to Oakwood Beach. New wetland habitats and recreational amenities are to be created including promenade, biking and pathways as well as easy access to public beaches.

Andrew Cuomo said: "This innovative project takes into account the diverse needs of the affected communities, protecting against future devastating weather events, enhancing access to the shore, creating vibrant, thriving wetlands and bringing peace of mind to those living along the Staten Island coastline. New York will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that vulnerable communities are equipped with resources to protect against extreme weather while incorporating community input and building for future growth."

In order to ensure the project meets the need of the community, the Department of Environmental Conservation will organize interactive community-based design forums.

A final design is expected to be completed in the winter of 2018. Then, construction could start in 2019 for a completion in 2022.

The project stands a $151M state investment.
JUNE 1, 2017
Trelleborg, new range of tires for US market

The Swedish company Trelleborg Wheel Systems is bringing to North America, the new full range of pneumatic tires.

As Trelleborg aims now to cover the entire operation of the construction company in this area, the new range of pneumatic tires will help the manufacturer to enable to reach easily the companies running the most popular sizes of construction equipment.

Trelleborg will first start to bring in North America, the Earthmover Radial Series (ERL) for loaders and graders, the Earthmover Diagonal System (EM) for heavy duty earthmoving jobs, the Skid Steer Diagonal Series (SK) for skid steer loaders and the Backhoe Diagonal Series (TI) for most construction vehicles.

Besides, Trelleborg has also announced as part of this launch, the Brawler series of solid tires which were showcased at Conexpo and particularly devoted to the North American market. The series includes as well the Brawler HPS loader and Brawler HPS skid steer models.
JUNE 5, 2017
Extension of East Light Rail Transit underway in Philippines
Pascal Wayne

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) and the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) have started construction of the Light Rail Transit (LRT)-2 East extension project.

The existing LRT-2 System from Santolan, Pasig City to Masinag in Antipolo, Rizal is to be extended by four kilometers.

LRTA administrator Reynaldo Berroya explained: “The completion of the LRT Line 2 East Extension Project is part of the fulfillment of the government’s promise to ease traffic congestion by extending the service of the LRT Line 2 System to the eastern part of Metro Manila.”

As part of the project, two new stations are to be built: the Emerald station and the Masinag station.
80,000 passengers are foreseen to use daily the new stations.
Completion of the stations is scheduled for August 2018.

DOTr secretary Arthur Tugade said: “It will be a timely addition to have both new stations in the LRT Line 2 as we acknowledge the need for greater accessibility of passengers coming from the eastern side of Metro Manila extending to key areas of Antipolo and its nearby cities.”
JUNE 2, 2017
Duro Felguera to carry out Dubai power station’s third phase project

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has awarded the Spanish contractor a turnkey contract to build a 500MW gas-fired open cycle power plant at Jebel Ali, 40 kilometers from the UAE’s major city.

K-Station is part of the Jebel Ali power and desalination station and stands as the main Dubai’s plant to provide high demand for electricity using natural gas.

Duro Felguera S.A Energy Division has been selected to manage the third phase of K-Station project.
It includes the supply, installation, testing as well as launch of two Siemens’ F-type gas turbines which will add 590MW at 50 degrees centigrade to the current K-Station’s generation capacity of 948MW.

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA said: “DEWA continues to move forward with its development projects to achieve our leadership’s vision to promote the happiness and well-being of Dubai’s citizens, residents and visitors, within an ideal living and working environment.

“We are working to achieve the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy2050, to employ an environmentally-friendly energy mix based on the following ratios: 25% solar energy, 7% nuclear power, 7% clean coal, and 61% gas by 2030, with a gradual increase in the use of clean energy in the mix so that it reaches 75% by 2050, making Dubai the city with the smallest carbon footprint in the world.”

The Siemens’ turbines should be operational by the second quarter of 2019. When completed, the Jebel Ali Power station is to have an installed capacity of 11,990MW, including clean energy.
JUNE 2, 2017
ENGIE Fabricom to manage well hook up of Wintershall Brage in North Sea

Wintershall Norge, the oil and gas company on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) has entrusted ENGIE Fabricom, the leading player in the markets of infrastructure, services, industry, energy and oil & gas; for Modification, Maintenance and Prefabrication Services.

Located east of Oseberg in the northern part of the North Sea, 125 kilometers west of Bergen, the Brage field stands as Wintershall Norge’s first operated production field.

ENGIE Fabricom is engaged to provide engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation and commissioning of wells on the Bradge platform. It is also responsible for all documentation and coordination with third parties.

The project has already started. Engineering and prefabrication works are to be completed this summer. The installation offshore is planned during three campaigns in the fall 2017.